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I work alone to create all the hand blown lampworked glasswork on display. I use a multitude of techniques to produce pendants, beads, earrings, bracelets, marbles, pens, wine glasses, vases, jars, espresso cups, shot glasses, perfume jars, candle holders of all sizes, paper weights and small sculptures.

I begin each piece with a tube of clear borosilicate glass, which I will work at 4000 degrees at my torch. Clear and colored glass rods, and precious metals are the other raw materials that I use.  Each piece begins with a bubble of hot taffy-like glass created by heating and blowing. At this stage, my creativity takes over. If I am making a bead, pen or jar, I open the bubble and apply either clear or colored glass to the inside of the bubble. I often burn gold and /or silver onto the glass; the smoke of those metals sticks to the glass and according to the amount fumed on, I can achieve the color and opalescence that I desire. Then by heating, shrinking, stretching,  and twisting, the shape and design flow from me.

To make some pieces, a wine glass for example, I blow, design and shape three individual parts which then must be kept at 1100 degrees in my kiln and welded together with my torch before returning to the kiln to be annealed.

Each piece has its own unique qualities dependent on the raw materials used, the heat of the flame, the tunes on the cd player and my inner vision at the moment.


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*NOTE - All "Glassbowls.com" pipes are intended for tobacco use ONLY

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